Visit Corfu: all you need to know


Enjoy the sun and history on the island of Corfu. As a tourist destination, Corfu is also known for its outstanding natural beauty, rich culture and distinct gastronomy. Surrounded by gentle streams, beautiful beaches and charming landscapes, the island is a popular destination not to mention its ancient history. If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday, Corfu is the ideal destination.

In this blog post, we will take you through everything you need to know about visiting Corfu. Find out which historical and monumental sites to explore, where to go to enjoy the beach, which delicious local cuisine to try and much more! We promise you a spectacular adventure in this heavenly corner of Greece.

Main sites to visit

Corfu is a beautiful island with a variety of places to visit. Between its sparkling beaches, breathtaking mountains and spectacular architecture, Corfu is the perfect destination for all travellers.

Tourists can sample the Turkish baths at Platys Gialos and stroll along the olive-lined canals, and Autokastro, the ancient walled city built by the Venetians. Whatever your style of travel, Corfu offers the best.

Be sure to visit the Mon Repos Church, which houses the royal families’ own graves, the solitude and serene view of the Lazaretto Fortress, and the imposing Corfu Citadel, which offers a unique view of the island.

For nature lovers, the Prasoudi area is a paradise for a delightful hike, as well as the Kalami River, a magical place to walk during sunset.

Each place offers a unique experience, ideal for creating unforgettable memories in Corfu.

What to do in Corfu

Corfu is a magical island in the far east of Greece. This island of magnificent mountains and impressive landscapes has much to offer the curious traveller. Whether you want to go for a walk or discover special places, Corfu is a perfect destination.

From morning sun to beach and romantic sunsets, Corfu is the perfect destination. There are many options: drive along the coast in search of beautiful beaches, walk along the well-maintained lanes, admire the beautiful Mediterranean architecture, visit the fabulous monastery of St. Panteleimon and discover the history of Corfu.

Finally, indulge in some delicious cuisine, as Corfu has many restaurants offering traditional and tasty dishes. Corfu is the richest Greek island in terms of culinary specialities! Tasting these delicacies is a must when visiting this exciting destination.

Typical Corfu dishes are creative but also healthy, based on fresh fish, and plenty of local organic vegetables. Many vegetables are sautéed with olive oil, salt and pepper, to give them a sweet flavour!

Another popular dish in Corfu is tsigarída, a lentil and herb soup mixed with toasted bread chips. Tserepes, a combination of chips and eggs, and mitsimendeia, raw sheep’s cheese with olive oil, are also delicious.

Desserts are usually made with fresh fruit and tasty dairy products. They are accompanied by a cup of local Turkish coffee, to give your tasting a boost. Visiting Corfu and sampling its culinary specialities is an unforgettable experience, and the best way to savour the soul of Greece’s most famous island.

And of course, the island also offers opportunities for activities such as shopping, sailing, kite surfing, canyoning and many more. Corfu is an incredible and vibrant destination for all those who want to discover its culture, gastronomy and natural treasures.

Entertainment and events in Corfu

In Corfu, you are guaranteed to have an excellent holiday experience. This magical and historic Greek island is full of changing and varied possibilities. In addition to the impressive landscape and beautiful blue beaches, Corfu offers visitors all kinds of entertaining events and activities.

During the summer, the island is filled with music, street performances, fireworks and concerts on the beach. For the more adventurous, there are also water sports, excursions and walks through the town to admire the spectacular views.

The folkloric Gastouri Village is an interesting attraction for nature and art lovers. The beauty of the middle age architecture and local culture leaves visitors in awe. With classical music festivals and art exhibitions, Gastouri is a source of entertainment all year round.

Corfu is a perfect destination for a memorable stay. Entertainment and events bring a vibrancy to the island that makes it one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Experience a unique and unforgettable stay in Corfu!

How to get around Corfu

Corfu, located in the Ionian Sea between Greece and Albania, is a beautiful island with a wide variety of ways to get around.

The main means of transport are by bus and taxi. There are buses that criss-cross the island and are the cheapest way to get around. Taxis are also readily available and provide a fast and much more affordable service than a fixed-destination taxi.

The island is also wonderfully suited to hikers. If you want to explore the wide variety of landscapes and beaches along the coast, the best way to do so is on foot or by bike.

Finally, if you want to sail around Corfu Island, there are several boat rental agencies in Lefkimmi, Gouvia, and Corfu with Corfu yacht charter. You can charter a yacht to explore the island and enjoy beautiful sunsets over the sea.

Travelling to Corfu is easy and enjoyable. If you want to explore the wonders of the island, we highly recommend this unique experience.

Discover the treasures of Corfu: explore what one of the most beautiful Greek islands has to offer!

In conclusion, visiting Corfu is the perfect holiday experience. With its variety of tourist attractions, picturesque scenery and entertainment options, this sunny island offers travellers an unforgettable stay. Surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, Corfu is an island that promises unique moments, not only during the day but also in the evening. From small typical tavernas to high-end restaurants, from live music in the bars to lively discos, Corfu is an island where you can have fun after a busy day of sightseeing. Whether you are planning a short break or a long stay, Corfu is a magical Greek island to consider. So come to Corfu and enjoy a holiday full of fun and discovery. You won’t regret your choice to spend a holiday visiting this beautiful island.